The Don’t Lose Your Headline Crew

Don’t Lose Your Headline is the result of the collective efforts of Phil Austin, Bret Allen and Chris Evans. They record the podcast every week, research all the stories, occasionally make shit up and update all the websites and media posts. They do this whilst holding down full time jobs (except Bret; he’s a stay-at-home bum!)

For newcomers- DLYHL is a news comedy quiz gameshow style affair- we each have bizarre, crazy and funny news stories from around the world, but the others need to guess which are real and which are fake. Harder than it sounds- you’ll see when you hear some of our real, insane news stories!

Phil Austin

Description: A foppish dandy with a really gay-looking goatee.
What He Does: Writes about games, fiction writing, creates board and card games.
Special Skills: He’s a magician and he can juggle. He originally took it up to impress ladies. (Pro Lifetip: It doesn’t work, don’t do it.)
Unique Power: The ability to seem more gay than most actual gay people.
Weakness: Chocolate Eclairs (which he insists on eating in a highly suggestive manner).

Twitter: @flippingphil


Bret Allen

Description: Round hairy mini-viking with an unhealthy attachment to old grandad hats.
What He Does: Writes about anything and everything including games, online gambling, fiction, journalism and bardic poetry (for some reason?).
Special Skills: He know his rock music and he can ingratiate himself into any setting where there’s more man-hair than skin.
Unique Power: Bret can use the Steam Controller and actually play games with it. Hard to believe, but true!
Weakness: Perverts and sexual deviants. He has a basement full of them.

Twitter: @bretallenwriter


Chris Evans

Description: Tall. And Merciless.
What He Does: Hosts a podcast called F1 Conjecture, works for an online gaming company and crushes small villages beneath his magnificent feet.
Special Skills: He can play the Bass Guitar to such an awesome degree that he could strum your mama to orgasm.
Unique Power: He knows stuff about cars. Like a real boy.
Weakness: He is secret Hitler.

Twitter: @TNMChris
F1 Conjecture Twitter: @F1Conjecture