13 Jul

S06E09 – Skin Log

Welcome to a penisy special this week as Bret examines some phallic facts and news stories! This week, Phil is getting angry at crimes, Chris is not amused by 9/11 and Bret does some blowing for a lady!

We have a bunch of crazy news stories for you, including a series of events involving Florida Penis, a woman with a fantastic name getting combative with Johnny Law and a play of 1984 is so intense with the ol’ torture that it actually makes people scream and vomit!

Don’t forget to join in with the #headlies and you can win Bret’s compliment voucher, plus thanks to all who join in #limerekt as you guys are coolsome!


6 Apr

S05E13 – Gay Propaganda

Engage sound catchers! A new DLYHL has landed, full of bizarre news and weird stories.

But first, a quick disclaimer. This episode includes a story which is actually really unpleasant, so consider yourself warned re: triggers, if abuse upsets you. No, we don’t find it funny either, but we do laugh our heads off at how impossible it is to not laugh when you’re not supposed to. Ever wanted to giggle at a funeral? Then you’re good to go!

Oh yeah, there’s also the tale of a drunk man who demolishes roadworks, but makes up for it in style! We try to work out what’s better, a robot wife or a flesh wife? And last but not least, we hear the story of a song banned in Russia, for being a bit too… Eurovision.

Pop into the Show Notes category to see links to the stories that were real.