13 Jul

S06E09 – Skin Log

Welcome to a penisy special this week as Bret examines some phallic facts and news stories! This week, Phil is getting angry at crimes, Chris is not amused by 9/11 and Bret does some blowing for a lady!

We have a bunch of crazy news stories for you, including a series of events involving Florida Penis, a woman with a fantastic name getting combative with Johnny Law and a play of 1984 is so intense with the ol’ torture that it actually makes people scream and vomit!

Don’t forget to join in with the #headlies and you can win Bret’s compliment voucher, plus thanks to all who join in #limerekt as you guys are coolsome!


19 Sep

S04E04 – Love Games (with special guest Tom King)

This week we have a guest star- Tom King of That King Thing podcast! So you can look forward to some gaming related wit and also the confusion factor of a fourth male voice. Sausage fest?!

We hear about a Florida Woman who was shot by her own oven (…what) and a Japanese fisherman who fends off a bear attack (racism corner is getting busy these days). Tom tells us the tale of a catfish from above hitting a woman in the face (will Phil fall for a little red heron?) and we play a game of Real or Toss which challenges us to spot real and fake games- all of which involve some kind of unpleasant sexual motif.

Enjoy the show and don’t forget to check out That King Thing- which Phil will be appearing on this week, on Thursday!

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