25 Aug

S06E13 – The End

It’s The End! Get your tissues (no doubt you already have some on standby when listening to our voices) and be ready for a tear-jerking walk down memory lane. Look how long it is! Better get comfy, you tarts!

The boys have been expecting to be arrested, failing to fight spiders and having poop problems! Then, in the world of news, we have a graphic Angry Birds clone, a police helicopter used for naughty purposes and a group of drag queens you would not mess with.

Then, we have a go at making our own news stories and we get quizzed on the events of Headlines past. How much do we recall? Were we sober and awake for those episodes?

Hold on to your sides and strap in for a good, long Headlining. And don’t cry too much, because Phil, Bret and Chris will be back!

31 Oct

S04E10 – The Halloween Special

Happy Halloween, Samhain and Ghostober: it’s the terrifyingly funny Halloween special!

Frighteningly, Phil’s audio is a bit louder this week because we’re experimenting with new recording methods! But it’ll be perfect next time! He was possessed or something.

What other horrors lie within? Phil gets haunted, Bret gets terrified and Chris terrifies others. Instead of news stories this week we have a variety of games themed around the spooky and dreadful. Tales of haunted rings, spectral beasts, demonic offspring and other creepy stuff await within.

Listen… if you DARE!

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