3 Aug

S06E11 – Squalene on Me

Equality is important to us at DLYHL and since we’ve done a penis special, this week we have a vagina special! We all learn a few things about the lady zone today, yet somehow penises and balls get plenty of mentions too.

In life, Phil has a problem that you don’t want to hear, Chris is getting messy in the girl’s loos and Bret is best off not dancing. In the wider world, we have vagina facts and headlines- who knew vaginas got so many inches (of column space)? We also hear all about Nasa’s Planetary Protection Officer post, with Chris and Bret competing for the job. Finally, we learn that sometimes scrotums need a little smoothing out!

Don’t forget to guess which of us is lying about our personal headlines, with the tag #headlies to maybe win the episode prize. Join in with the #limerekt competition to go in for the series prize!

30 Mar

S05E12 – Call My Spaff (with special guest: Tom King)

Looks like a pod just got cast!

We have a guest in the form of Tom King of That King Thing! Good job too, because Chris was kicked out. Phil is ‘absolutely fine’ after his fishy quest, plus he’s been playing with Bret’s hard tool. Bret has befriended Ronaq Ronaq and Tom has been scared shitless by a bag!

We hear the story of a Korean woman with something magical in her purse, a man in China has something slippery up his bum (yep) and we hear about a guy who thinks eating in traffic is smert. Finally, we play Whose Headline Is It Anyway and it all goes a bit weird and wrong.

Have fun, please send in your stories and jokes!

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16 Mar

S05E10 – Jellyfish Boy

Hello listener types! This week, Bret has some Resident Evil 7 spoilers for you, Phil is amazed by chicken within sausage and Chris tries to be more fish! Yes, we lead full lives.

Funny news stories, you ask? A guy jumps out of a window after getting dumped (funnier than it sounds and you’ll never see Spiderman the same way again), we play a brand-new game called ‘You Can’t Say Shit With a Brick in Your Mouth’ and we hear about a video game themed brothel in Luxembourg! Are you a Tifa Lockheart guy or perhaps a sucker for Solid Snake?

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9 Mar

S05E09 – Always Swim Upstream

Greetings for… what’s the day after Women’s Day? Boxing Women? That doesn’t seem right.

We’ve been sooo busy this week; Bret’s flogging his book for free, Chris is rummaging in drawers (ooer) and Phil is sorting cards to the point of madness!

This week we have the story of a man who’s so mad at his boss, he has >= 5 ways to kill him (featuring a special guest appearance!). We try our hand at creating some conspiracy theories (which don’t go well for the ladies. Understanding of satire required ahead) and finally we have the news of a Smart Condom which can tell you just how you measure up!

Have fun, don’t get the doubt set it and please join in with Serial Japist!

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20 May

S02E09 – Try To Enjoy It

You may notice that this episode is way shorter than usual! This is because of new and improved Technical Error!

Thanks to Technical Error, you get all this for free:

  • Shorter podcast for casual listening!
  • Extra funny, pointless sounds!
  • Fluffy co-host voice (test your listening powers!)
  • Dissatisfaction!

We apologise for the problems in this bite-sized episode- Phil will explain at the start. However, life goes on, especially when you have a boy trapped in a vagina and a brew-ha-ha the Tea Brewing Triathlon! Oh, there’s a competition of sorts too!

As Phil says, try to enjoy it! – use the links on the left hand menu to send in your feedback, story ideas and general complaints!

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