25 Aug

S06E13 – The End

It’s The End! Get your tissues (no doubt you already have some on standby when listening to our voices) and be ready for a tear-jerking walk down memory lane. Look how long it is! Better get comfy, you tarts!

The boys have been expecting to be arrested, failing to fight spiders and having poop problems! Then, in the world of news, we have a graphic Angry Birds clone, a police helicopter used for naughty purposes and a group of drag queens you would not mess with.

Then, we have a go at making our own news stories and we get quizzed on the events of Headlines past. How much do we recall? Were we sober and awake for those episodes?

Hold on to your sides and strap in for a good, long Headlining. And don’t cry too much, because Phil, Bret and Chris will be back!

5 May

NSF-DLYHL – Giant female spiders, oral during and after sex shocker!

Because ‘giant female spider’ doesn’t trigger enough shudders already?

Following up on Phil’s post about the spider bite in an unpleasant place, this story in the Mirror details the charming sexual rituals of certain spiders (Madagascan Darwin’s bark spiders?).

To put it simply: “Experts found to their surprise that males routinely salivate onto female genitalia before, during and after sex!”

There’s more!

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3 May

NSF-DLYHL – Where would you least like to get bitten by a venomous spider?

If your answer to the above question was “Well, right on my nob of course!” then well done, you win a cookie. You can claim your cookie at any Tesco or umm… Lidl. You can just walk in, and pick up the cookie and then, right, to give Tesco/Lidl the signal that you’re collecting your cookie, you’ve got to run like buggery right out of the store, as fast as you can! Then they’ll know you’re just collecting your prize and they definitely, definitely won’t call the police.

Anyway, this is a very short story I found whilst researching my stories for this week’s Podcast. I didn’t include it because there’s not much to discuss and really, it gets right to the damn point in the title!

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