6 Mar

NSF-DLYHL – Do it Like a Doll

We see a lot of stories, and evidently we have to pick what to cover on the podcast, and what to leave out. Sometimes it’s because the story is short, or because something horrible has happened that isn’t funny on reflection. In this case, it needs to be seen to be believed.


Come on, Barbie, let’s go party: Europe’s first sex doll brothel opens in Barcelona

© Michael Caronna / Reuters
© Michael Caronna / Reuters


This story comes from Russia Today, right here! (warning, annoying popup site)

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27 Aug

S04E00 – Live and Red Raw

Hello Headline fans!

This is a special episode, recorded live at Casa Phil, to keep you from gnawing off your own legs in frustration while waiting for season 4 to start. (not long to go – S04E01 goes live Monday 29th)

So this slightly shorter live special may be a bit rough around the edges but we know you’ll like it! We find out what the most Canadian crime of all time is and we briefly discuss the results of Phil’s forfeit, which you can see on our website!

We also hear about a Norwegian golf course pooper, an absent-minded lady who sends racy photos to the wrong everybody, laser wielding sex pigs and a man with a van (and an urgent desire!).

Enjoy – use the links on the left hand menu to send in your feedback, story ideas and general complaints!

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