23 Mar

S05E11 – Russian Raccoon Rental

Hello, fellow ear owners.

There’s no Phil this week! Dennis will be most pleased! He’s away on a vision quest, seeking the Salmon of Doubt, so Chris and Bret are taking up the reins in his stead. This week, one of them has been called a Viking and another has proven that he’s smarter than Phil, but which is which?

We have multiple bizarre news stories for you! A woman fends off a sword-wielding robber, a man goes up, up and away in his beautiful balloon chair and a raccoon is disturbed after a brush with boobs. A man may or may not be the nuisance of Bridgwater and finally, a Bolivian fella tries to scam people with a Jesus fish. Do you ‘bolieve’ it?

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24 Oct

S04E09 – Freddy Says Relax

Hello and welcome to Don’t Lose Your Headline!

It’s not the penultimate episode, because we’re going to make this season longer. Longer is always better, right?

Chris has PSVR, Phil tries to eat himself to death and Bret’s as merry as Jack. We also have news stories! A man guilty of *blank* destruction causes a fuss in the shopping centre, while his wife waves a *blank* and they run through *blank* while *blanking*. Bear with it, folks.

There’s a case of a stolen brain. Why? Drugs! We’re all for experimentation, but there’s a limit. The limit is the skull. In Head to Headlines we argue the toss (pun intended) about the legality and morality of pumping in public. Is it ok if it’s too dark to see?

Lastly: thanks to our Russian correspondent Ash and his Russian boy-source Regulus who confirmed the whole beaver thing for us.

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Pop into the Show Notes category to see links to the stories that were real.

13 May

NSF-DLYHL – Russian re-enactor takes out a drone with a spear!

Not Suitable For Don’t Lose Your Headline contains all those news stories that we couldn’t (or wouldn’t) include in the main podcast for being too short, too offensive, too full of death or too [insert appropriate word here].

In this case, the story’s just too short for the show, but it was worth sharing. Plus, it’s kinda visual.

Russian dude is taking part in a medieval re-enactment, gets annoyed by a drone buzzing around overhead… lobs his spear at it and rolls a 20. Drone goes down like a sack of shit. +200 XP for that man!

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