13 Apr

S05E14 – Let Me See That Thong (with special guest: Pete D. Gaskell)

Open your head, it’s a new DLYHL!

This week, we have Pete D. Gaskell of the Smorgasbored podcast, so please check his show out at as he’s brought us a lot of punning and wit. Bret has birthday news, Chris has seen more signs and Phil found a time capsule in a drawer! Pete ponders the legality of guide dogs!

We hear the tale of a grammar vigilante, sorting out the error’s we hate to see in the street! Pete brings us a story about an unfortunate poopy incident for a UFC fighter (seriously, this is awesome) and we learn of a special post-birth treat for mums! Last but not least, we play a little game of Blankheads to see if the guys can fill in some anal answers. Oh yeah, and Bret didn’t mean to suggest that a famous pop group were involved in a weird orgy. It was just their groovy beats.

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6 Apr

S05E13 – Gay Propaganda

Engage sound catchers! A new DLYHL has landed, full of bizarre news and weird stories.

But first, a quick disclaimer. This episode includes a story which is actually really unpleasant, so consider yourself warned re: triggers, if abuse upsets you. No, we don’t find it funny either, but we do laugh our heads off at how impossible it is to not laugh when you’re not supposed to. Ever wanted to giggle at a funeral? Then you’re good to go!

Oh yeah, there’s also the tale of a drunk man who demolishes roadworks, but makes up for it in style! We try to work out what’s better, a robot wife or a flesh wife? And last but not least, we hear the story of a song banned in Russia, for being a bit too… Eurovision.

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20 Oct

NSF-DLYHL – Get Your Gun Souvenirs… at the Airport

We see a lot of stories, and evidently we have to pick what to cover on the podcast, and what to leave out. Sometimes it’s because the story is short, or because something horrible has happened that isn’t funny on reflection. In this case, it’s because the story is a little short and sweet. No, sweet isn’t the word. Scary.

AK pic from Guardian

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17 Oct

S04E08 – Exterminate Beavers

Welcome Headline fans!

This week we explore a new game, as well as reading a couple of the usual bizarre news stories you love.

We hear the tale of a man who overdosed on a dangerous substance (Phil and Chris have fun guessing it) and went waving knives around. We also explore the story of a charity leaflet campaign in Russia which encourages folks to exterminate beavers. A tad harsh?

We’ve also got another Sliding Story provided by Phil, concerning footage of things that should not be done on top of vehicles! Our new game features making stories up on the fly (because we’re so great at that) including the tale of a high speed chase involving a stuffed toy, a (very) premium rate phone line and some offensive busking!

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