25 Aug

S06E13 – The End

It’s The End! Get your tissues (no doubt you already have some on standby when listening to our voices) and be ready for a tear-jerking walk down memory lane. Look how long it is! Better get comfy, you tarts!

The boys have been expecting to be arrested, failing to fight spiders and having poop problems! Then, in the world of news, we have a graphic Angry Birds clone, a police helicopter used for naughty purposes and a group of drag queens you would not mess with.

Then, we have a go at making our own news stories and we get quizzed on the events of Headlines past. How much do we recall? Were we sober and awake for those episodes?

Hold on to your sides and strap in for a good, long Headlining. And don’t cry too much, because Phil, Bret and Chris will be back!

18 Aug

S06E12 – Dick Knock and Bob

Fear not citizens! This week the three finest heroes in podcast land are here to protect and serve in our super hero special! Hear all about our special powers and learn our secret identities and the adventures we have!

Phil’s bell is acting up (don’t worry, it’s an actual bell this time), Chris has a forking weird exchange on his lunch break and Bret meets a child!

In the wider world, Chris introduces us to our first super villain, the devious poo bomber, via stories of Bret’s criminal past. Then Phil takes us back in time to the weird news of yesteryear, including a technological advance, a dubious ghost and an epic duel. Finally, Bret brings along a Florida Game featuring everyones favourite superhero, Florida Man!

Don’t forget to guess which of us is lying about our personal headlines, with the tag #headlies to be in with a chance of winning the episode prize, and join in with the #limerekt competition to go in for the series prize!

16 Mar

S05E10 – Jellyfish Boy

Hello listener types! This week, Bret has some Resident Evil 7 spoilers for you, Phil is amazed by chicken within sausage and Chris tries to be more fish! Yes, we lead full lives.

Funny news stories, you ask? A guy jumps out of a window after getting dumped (funnier than it sounds and you’ll never see Spiderman the same way again), we play a brand-new game called ‘You Can’t Say Shit With a Brick in Your Mouth’ and we hear about a video game themed brothel in Luxembourg! Are you a Tifa Lockheart guy or perhaps a sucker for Solid Snake?

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9 Feb

S05E05 – Rock, Pooper, Satan

Hello fellow earth humans!

It’s DLYHL time as this week; Bret makes Ghost Recon sound more or less like Nandos, Chris meets a Bear (we aren’t sure what this means) and Phil inhales a bit of the ol’ plastic cancer smoke.

We find out that Lady Gaga’s Superbowl performance was in fact a Satanic ritual, according to the lovely chaps of the alt-right. They know all about these things. We also play a game of Balls-out Metal or Made up by Brettle? So, if you know your Ozzy from your Cannibal Corpse, you can have a go at guessing which of these metal facts are phony. Last but not least, we learn of a special new way to create jewellery, which is so personalised that nobody will want to touch it!

Enjoy and don’t forget to join in with Serial Japist! We’re rewriting the rules of punning!
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19 Jan

NSF-DLYHL – The Man With the Golden Butt (sort of).

We see a lot of stories, and evidently we have to pick what to cover on the podcast, and what to leave out. Sometimes it’s because the story is short, or because something horrible has happened that isn’t funny on reflection. In this case, it’s funny but a bit short. Guy puts gold up his arse!

Man Guilty of Making Off With $165K of Gold in His Butt

From Newser.

thanks Newser!
Like a golden shower that got seriously garbled in translation.

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21 Nov

S04E13 – Of Bums and Poo

Bon Monday! A new podcast awaits you stuffed with news and non-news!

We get miffed about Islam (not for reals, don’t worry) and corporate overlords (bastards) and lack of grammar (which it turns out can be quite threatening).

Phil tells us all about his bumbum discovery, which is quite… something. Chris has a story about a man who had a bad time in a toilet cubicle, but smells better than you’d expect. Finally, Bret has a Sliding Story for you where a true Floridian flees from the cops, but has an unpleasant surprise in his pants. Last but not least, listeners notified us about a vicious squirrel attack on defenceless old folks!

Yes, all our stories are bum or poo related this week. Purely serendipitous!

Enjoy! As ever you can check out the actual story links on our site, or drop us a line.

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6 Oct

NSF-DLYHL – Parents Pursue Playground Pooper

NSF-DLYHL is where all the stories that didn’t make it onto the podcast get broadcast to the world. Sometimes it’s because they’re too short, or we had better stories for the episode. Other times you need to see a picture or watch a video, which is exactly the opposite of what you want in a podcast! Either way, you can read all about ’em here! In this case, it was just a little short for the show and too similar to Chris’ tale of a golf course pooper back in the Season 4 Live Special. Continue reading