18 Aug

S06E12 – Dick Knock and Bob

Fear not citizens! This week the three finest heroes in podcast land are here to protect and serve in our super hero special! Hear all about our special powers and learn our secret identities and the adventures we have!

Phil’s bell is acting up (don’t worry, it’s an actual bell this time), Chris has a forking weird exchange on his lunch break and Bret meets a child!

In the wider world, Chris introduces us to our first super villain, the devious poo bomber, via stories of Bret’s criminal past. Then Phil takes us back in time to the weird news of yesteryear, including a technological advance, a dubious ghost and an epic duel. Finally, Bret brings along a Florida Game featuring everyones favourite superhero, Florida Man!

Don’t forget to guess which of us is lying about our personal headlines, with the tag #headlies to be in with a chance of winning the episode prize, and join in with the #limerekt competition to go in for the series prize!

13 Jul

S06E09 – Skin Log

Welcome to a penisy special this week as Bret examines some phallic facts and news stories! This week, Phil is getting angry at crimes, Chris is not amused by 9/11 and Bret does some blowing for a lady!

We have a bunch of crazy news stories for you, including a series of events involving Florida Penis, a woman with a fantastic name getting combative with Johnny Law and a play of 1984 is so intense with the ol’ torture that it actually makes people scream and vomit!

Don’t forget to join in with the #headlies and you can win Bret’s compliment voucher, plus thanks to all who join in #limerekt as you guys are coolsome!


29 Jun

S06E07 – A Super Sunshine Day

Hello dear children, welcome to happy fun times at DLYHL! This episode is child-safe and has hardly any swearing or dead people at all. Bret, Chris and Phil are having a super sunshine day in lollipop forest and beyond!

Sit comfortably and listen to story time, as Bret pulls his pole, Phil gets bumped off his bike and Chris crashes part of a car. Don’t worry kids, we’re all fine! But what of news from the outside world? We get educational with a series of headlines about the French, with key words blanked out for your guessing enjoyment. We also have a story about a nuclear power plant offering a somewhat sexist way to get new interns! We hear about a naughty man lying with a lizard or two and we learn about a man who has a police car adventure! Woweee!

Remember not to stay up past bedtime while listening, and be good for Uncle Chris and don’t forget to join in with our #headlies and #limerekd poems.


15 Jun

S06E05 – Not a Doctor

Chris is hosting this week! And we’ve been very busy- Bret does something desperate and lonely, Phil is being blown all over the shop and Chris has his eyes brought into question!

All sorts of stories this week. Did the Jumbo Shrimp really give away pregnancy tests? Yes, that sentence makes no sense. We have a Florida Game exploring some thrilling police chases (some just plain impressive) and last but not least, the love manual written by an ex-scientologist which can help you excel in the bedroom, using just an egg!

Don’t forget to join in with our #headlies and #limerekd poems! We love you.

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30 Mar

S05E12 – Call My Spaff (with special guest: Tom King)

Looks like a pod just got cast!

We have a guest in the form of Tom King of That King Thing! Good job too, because Chris was kicked out. Phil is ‘absolutely fine’ after his fishy quest, plus he’s been playing with Bret’s hard tool. Bret has befriended Ronaq Ronaq and Tom has been scared shitless by a bag!

We hear the story of a Korean woman with something magical in her purse, a man in China has something slippery up his bum (yep) and we hear about a guy who thinks eating in traffic is smert. Finally, we play Whose Headline Is It Anyway and it all goes a bit weird and wrong.

Have fun, please send in your stories and jokes!

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9 Mar

S05E09 – Always Swim Upstream

Greetings for… what’s the day after Women’s Day? Boxing Women? That doesn’t seem right.

We’ve been sooo busy this week; Bret’s flogging his book for free, Chris is rummaging in drawers (ooer) and Phil is sorting cards to the point of madness!

This week we have the story of a man who’s so mad at his boss, he has >= 5 ways to kill him (featuring a special guest appearance!). We try our hand at creating some conspiracy theories (which don’t go well for the ladies. Understanding of satire required ahead) and finally we have the news of a Smart Condom which can tell you just how you measure up!

Have fun, don’t get the doubt set it and please join in with Serial Japist!

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31 Oct

S04E10 – The Halloween Special

Happy Halloween, Samhain and Ghostober: it’s the terrifyingly funny Halloween special!

Frighteningly, Phil’s audio is a bit louder this week because we’re experimenting with new recording methods! But it’ll be perfect next time! He was possessed or something.

What other horrors lie within? Phil gets haunted, Bret gets terrified and Chris terrifies others. Instead of news stories this week we have a variety of games themed around the spooky and dreadful. Tales of haunted rings, spectral beasts, demonic offspring and other creepy stuff await within.

Listen… if you DARE!

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