13 Jul

S06E09 – Skin Log

Welcome to a penisy special this week as Bret examines some phallic facts and news stories! This week, Phil is getting angry at crimes, Chris is not amused by 9/11 and Bret does some blowing for a lady!

We have a bunch of crazy news stories for you, including a series of events involving Florida Penis, a woman with a fantastic name getting combative with Johnny Law and a play of 1984 is so intense with the ol’ torture that it actually makes people scream and vomit!

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27 Feb

NSF-DLYHL – The Way of the Ouchie Willy

We see a lot of stories, and evidently we have to pick what to cover on the podcast, and what to leave out. Sometimes it’s because the story is short, or because something horrible has happened that isn’t funny on reflection. In this case, it’s just a bit short and it’s kinda visual, too. Plus, it would certainly take us to Racism Veranda.

‘Iron Crotch Kung Fu Master’ shows off ability to take groin hits

From UPI, ta


This is the story of a Kung Fu master with balls of steel, reported on the UPI site.

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14 Jul

NSF-DLYHL – Bells of the Balls

NSF-DLYHL is where we dish out all the lovely stories that don’t quite make it on the podcast. Some are too short, some require visual aid and some are just a little bit too disturbing!

Bret here, with a tidbit that was too short for the show but deserves a mention. Here at the Smoking Gun, there’s a tale of strangeness and horror about a man being arrested for public indecency because he was running around with bells attached to his balls.

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