18 Aug

S06E12 – Dick Knock and Bob

Fear not citizens! This week the three finest heroes in podcast land are here to protect and serve in our super hero special! Hear all about our special powers and learn our secret identities and the adventures we have!

Phil’s bell is acting up (don’t worry, it’s an actual bell this time), Chris has a forking weird exchange on his lunch break and Bret meets a child!

In the wider world, Chris introduces us to our first super villain, the devious poo bomber, via stories of Bret’s criminal past. Then Phil takes us back in time to the weird news of yesteryear, including a technological advance, a dubious ghost and an epic duel. Finally, Bret brings along a Florida Game featuring everyones favourite superhero, Florida Man!

Don’t forget to guess which of us is lying about our personal headlines, with the tag #headlies to be in with a chance of winning the episode prize, and join in with the #limerekt competition to go in for the series prize!

1 Aug

S03E09 – The Adventures of Florida Man

The merciless Chris and hairy Bret go head to head in our heavyweight episode! With Phil out in front by a megachunk of points, it seemed only fitting for Bret and Chris to duke it out to see who ends up in third place, facing a forfeit. Just one on one, that’s the way we do it baby!

We learn when being peed on by a peepee boy is sexual and non-sexual, we delve deeper than ever into the Adventures of Florida Man (from degrading selfies to propane combat) and we find out just how hard it is to fake our stories on the fly. Some celebrities get horribly slandered, so… please don’t sue!

Listen and find out who loses this season. Enjoy!

Enjoy – use the links on the left hand menu to send in your feedback, story ideas and general complaints!

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26 Jul

NSF-DLYHL – Insult to injury. Horrible, gator based injury.

NSF-DLYHL is where we put all the stories that don’t make it on the podcast. Some are too short, some require visual aid and some involve horrific death and injury and blood and guts etc.

This time, we’ve got a new member of the Florida family! Joining Florida Man, Florida Woman, Florida Teen and co. is everyone’s favourite transport based relation, Florida Boater!

Our boater in question is Everglades airboat operator Wallace Weatherholt. Here he is looking surprisingly chipper.


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