13 Jul

S06E09 – Show Notes for Skin Log

We strongly advise listening to the episode of Don’t Lose Your Headline before reading this post, as it contains spoilers for the show

Real stories this week were:

Chris’s tale of the angry lady Miracle Crimes!

Phil’s revelation about a 1984 play that actually makes people mental!

And Bret found these stories of Florida Penis (credit for the first one must go to Florida Gaz!)

Florida man sits on gun, shoots himself in penis


Teen arrested for biting boyfriend’s penis after he refused to have sex


Police Arrest Florida Woman, 22, For Violently Yanking Penis Of Ex-Boyfriend


Murder suspect who used big-penis defense found not guilty


Florida flasher disguises penis as bag of vegetables


Florida Man pulls down pants and smacks girl with penis



If you’ve got a news story, we’d love to do a section on the show where we discuss the stories you send in, so if you’ve found a funny news article, send it to Phil, Bret or Chris, or alternatively you can send it to info@dontloseyourheadline.net


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