28 Mar

S02E02 – Naughty Ninja

This week, Chris Evans is still here? Yes, due to popular demand we retained his services for the whole series, making this a three-way news fiasco. This episode: a penis tree, a man living as a goat, a masturbating ninja and more!

21 Mar

S02E01 – Goose Driveby

It’s the first episode of season two and we’re back to get news wrong! To kick things off, Phil and Bret have introduced a guest star in the form of F1 Conjecture’s Chris Evans! No, not that Chris Evans. Or that one. This week we exhume a goose, discuss Superman’s poop and spray a little Eau De Dead Person.

–Phil would like to notify people that he ‘ballsed up’ his recording levels this week, that’s why he’s loud and furious.